Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is assisted living?

    An assisted living facility is for someone who cannot, or does not want to live alone anymore. An assisted living facility provides its residents with the companionship of others and offers assistance with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, and other needs; meals, housekeeping and medical care including medication administration.

  • Who lives in assisted living facilities?

    More than a million Americans live in assisted living facilities. A variety of different people live in assisted living facilities, although the majority are women over the age of 80.

  • How are assisted living facilities regulated?

    Assisted Living Facilities in the state of Maine are a regulated service. Facilities are surveyed on a bi-annual basis to ensure compliance with all regulations. Maine has been a leader in the organizing and regulating of assisted living even as other states scramble to ensure quality of care of their elderly choosing to live in such facilities.

  • How are Ledgeview Assisted Living suites furnished?

    All Ledgeview Assisted Living suites come pre-furnished with wall-to-wall carpeting, and blinds or window coverings. Residents may choose to furnish their rooms with their own furniture, or use furniture from Ledgeview Assisted Living.


  • Can I have guests dine with me?

    Yes, we encourage guests to come and dine with our residents whenever possible. If you have a guest who would like to dine with you, please call ahead to make a reservation. Our dining facilities are also available for family gatherings and parties. Moderate charges for guest meals will be added to your monthly statement.

  • Are cable TV hook-ups available in the rooms?

    Yes. Cable jacks are available in all suites. Residents simply contract with the local cable company for the services of their choice.

  • I have a car. May I keep it if I move into Ledgeview Assisted Living?

    Yes. We offer a reserved parking space for each resident with an automobile.

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